Experience | 8-20 Wochen | Amerikas
Experience, USA
Experience, USA

Die United States of America oder Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika bestehen auf 50 Staaten. Die Hauptstadt ist Washington D.C. Die USA sind gemessen an der Fläche (9,83 Mio. km²) der drittgrößte Staat der Erde. Die Einsatzstelle befindet sich in New Orleans. Die Partnerorganisation ist Volunteer for Peace (VPF) USA, eine Mitgliedsorganisation vom Alliance-Netzwerk.

  • Programmdauer: 8-20 Wochen
  • Teilnahmebeitrag:
    New Orleans Projekt: € 555,- Grenzenlos Programmgebühr (einmalig) plus die Programmgebühr der Partnerorganisation. 4 Wochen $ 530,- (US-Dollar); je weitere Woche $ 50,-. Bareinzahlung der Partnerorganisation-Programmgebühr wird vor Ort nach Anreise von Dir getätigt.
    Vermont und Camp-Hill Projekt: € 498,- (einmalig) Grenzenlos Programmgebühr; $ 150,- Programmgebühr der Partnerorganisation (einmalig)
  • Anreise Infos: Keine Abholung vom Flughafen. Man bekommt eine genauere Wegbeschreibung von der Partnerorganisation
  • Anmeldung: mind. 2-3 Monate vor Abreise

Beteilige Dich an Projekten im Bereich:

  • Soziales und Inklusion: Soziale Re-integration von ex-gefangene in Vermont. Einsatzstellen in Burlington, Winooski, Rutland. Arbeit mit Menschen mit Behinderungen in Camp-Hill.
Dismas, USA
Dismas, USA
  • Bau und Renovieren: Unterstütze die Bauprojekte und Renovierungsprojekt in New Orleans.
Bau und Renovieren, USA
Bau und Renovieren, USA

Hier findest Du ein paar Projektbeschreibungen:

Experience USA – Renovierung: Lowernine, New Orleans

Lowernine New Orleans, USA

LOWERNINE.ORG, NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA is a non-political, secular, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the long-term recovery of the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Louisiana in the wake of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the levee breaches of 2005. The organization completes residential building projects so that pre-Katrina residents of the neighborhood can return to their homes.

WORK: Unskilled and experienced carpenters, roofers, plumbers, painters and other tradesmen needed for rebuilding homes in the flood-damaged Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. Unskilled volunteers will be trained by skilled staff.  All aspects of home rebuilding will be addressed, from roofing to finish carpentry.  5-day week of full work days from 8:15 AM – 4:30 PM. Volunteers provide free labor to neighborhood residents, so they can return home after Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Isaac. Work can be difficult and it is hot in New Orleans!

STUDY THEME: Carpentry, construction, community building.

ACCOMMODATION:  Housing is in dormitory style bunkrooms, and volunteers are responsible for all cleaning and cooking. No smoking in the house.  No drugs allowed. No alcohol

allowed in the house or on the property. Vegetarian meals available.

LOCATION: New Orleans, LA, 2 miles east of the French Quarter.

LEISURE ACTIVITIES: Volunteers will have ample opportunity to partake of the abundant cultural offerings of the most unique

city in America on weekends and after work hours.

TERMINAL:  Louis Armstrong International Airport; Amtrak and Bus station downtown.

SPECIAL REMARKS: VFP Motivation Form required. Volunteers must have intermediate spoken and comprehension of English in order to ensure workplace safety. VFP does not provide insurance for volunteers on this project, LowerNine general liability insurance will cover volunteers only while they are working. In case of a natural disaster volunteers will be required to make their own arrangements to evacuate the city. Multiple volunteers serve at all times in this location.


Experience, USA
Experience, USA

(Minumum 12 weeks – Maxumum 20 to 22 weeks)

Age: over 21, if you are younger please consult with Grenzenlos

Hartford Dismas House provides transitional housing and opportunities to men and women getting out of prison so that they can successfully transition back into the community.

WORK:  Volunteers will assist in a variety of tasks including but not limited to: administrative support in the office, helping with fundraising activities, supporting the residential community by helping with planning and participating in house activities and Residential Advisor duties (See below).  The type of work and number of hours varies but is usually 4 – 6 hours a day.  Volunteers live on site and participate in all house activities including evening meals and all outside activities. 

ACCOMMODATION: Shared room in large Victorian house, meals & laundry provided. 

LOCATION: Hartford, Burlington or Winoodki, Vermont.

LEISURE ACTIVITIES: Recreation includes house activities and many festivals and events in area. Volunteers will participate in house outings including baseball games, hikes, camping, etc. Time off for travel may be approved.

SPECIAL REMARKS: Volunteers must be 21+, speak fluent English and have basic computer skills.  Absolutely NO alcohol or drug use permitted during the stay.  VFP Motivation Form and email interview required. VFP does not provide insurance for volunteers on this project! Dismas offers emergency and liability insurance only. Only one international volunteer serves at any time.  Volunteers must indicate the dates they are able to serve.

VPF USA bietet 6 Einsatzstellen für Mittelzeitaufenthalte an.