Experience | 8-16 Wochen | Asien
Christian Neidl, Japan
Christian Neidl, Japan

Japan liegt in Ostasien und ist der viertgrößte Inselstaat der Welt. Die Hauptstadt ist Tokio mit 37 Mio. Einwohner_innen. Japan hat eine Gesamtbevölkerung von 126 Mio. und eine Fläche von 377 835 km². Die Amtssprache ist Japanisch. Es ist ganz wichtig, vor dem Start Deines Auslandsaufenthalts Grundlagen dieser Sprache zu erlernen. Unsere Partnerorganisation NICE (Never-Ending International workCamps Exchange) besteht seit 1990 und ist eine der profiliertesten internationalen Freiwilligenorganisationen Asiens. Mithilfe von NICE wurden viele neue Workcamp-Organisationen in Ländern Ost- und Südostasiens ins Leben gerufen. Das NICE-Motto ist „a healthy and colourful world“ – gesund nicht nur im physischen Sinne, sondern auch psychisch, ökologisch und kulturell. Dementsprechend sind die NICE-Projekte auf Umweltschutz, die Stärkung der Zivilgesellschaft und globale Zusammenarbeit ausgerichtet.

  • Programmdauer: 8-16 Wochen (unterschiedliche Dauer je nach Projekt)
  • Teilnahmebeitrag: € 555,- Grenzenlos-Programmgebühr (einmalig) plus Programmgebühr der Partnerorganisation NICE, die von Dir vor Ort zu bezahlen ist.
  • 1 Monat Yen 12.000,- (ca. € 100,- je nach Wechselkurs); Yen 12.000, - je weiteren Monat
  • Anreiseinfos: Keine Abholung vom Flughafen. – Du bekommst eine genaue Wegbeschreibung von der Partnerorganisation. Das Programm startet mit Einstiegstagen in Tokyo oder Osaka.
  • Voraussetzungen: Freiwillige werden über Skype-Interviews ausgewählt. Es ist von Vorteil, wenn man grundlegendes Japanisch beherrscht.
  • Anmeldung: mind. 2-3 Monate vor Abreise
  • Grenzenlos Sektorprofil Japan (Bildung)

Beteilige Dich an Projekten im Bereich:

  • Umweltschutz und Landwirtschaft: Die Schwerpunktthemen von NICE Japan sind biologische Landwirtschaft und Umweltschutz, sehr oft verbunden mit Freizeitinitiativen für Kinder und ältere Menschen.
Discover, Japan
Discover, Japan

Hier findest Du ein paar Projektbeschreibungen:

Experience Japan – Farm und Landwirtschaft: Maki Farm in Nagano

Discover, Japan
Experience, Japan

Let’s preserve the way of traditional Japanese life in the mountain area!

Start – End:
11/May – 04/August
03/August – 20/September
19/September – 13/Dezember

If you want to stay longer or start later than the date above, please contact your sending organization.

Background: Organized together with Maki Farm of Kyodo Gakusha (KG). KG is a NPO running 5 organic farming communities in Japan where people from disadvantage backgrounds, e.g. people with mental disabilities, are willing to learn about farming in order to change our society from competitive big companies. Maki Farm has 5-10 members and is located in a very isolated area (not accessible by car and we have to walk 4 km in the mountains!), so once it became an abandoned village in 1970s. Tateya is one branch of KG.

Work: We will help in their organic farming (weeding in rice and vegetable fields, planting vegetables, taking care of goats and hens, etc.) and also carry the things from the town, renovate the trails, help in their house work, etc. Be ready to work for quite a long time (05:30-18:00 with some brakes) and tough.

Accommodation: Building a straw roof (traditional house in Japan!) in a farm, cooking as a group by turn (Vegetarian is possible!)

Study theme: Volunteers have opportunities to learn about organic farming work by taking care of goats, chickens and various other farm animals. You can learn the traditional way of Japanese life.

Other activities: Sightseeing, short trip (hot springs, famous places here), trekking

Location: In the deep mountain, a very isolated but beautiful village near “Japanese Northern Alps”; about 900 meters. Some traditional and old things can be seen here that in other areas have been lost due to modernization.

Terminal: From Tokyo, 4 hours by express train or 6-8 hours by bus and train. You need to arrive at Narita or Haneda airport by 08:00 the 1st day and can leave Japan after 22:00 on the last day).

Requirements: Speaking some Japanese and strong motivation to work and enjoy simple life in the isolated area and respect for the local culture and way of the local organization! Skills of agriculture or construction can be useful!

Language: Japanese and English (there will be a 1-year volunteer who has joined LMTV of this place)

Other: If you want to end on another day (either shorter or longer), please inform the sending organization before the application is sent.
See a documentary movie about their living life: Kyodo Gakusha Maki Farm on 2015 in Japan – arayashiki-movie.jp.

Experience Japan – Community (Kinder und Senior_innen): Hirokawa in Fukuoka

Discover, Japan
Experience, Japan

Let’s connect kids and elderly people through symbiotic life!

Start – End:
16/February (a later start might be possible) – 05/December
11/Mai – 04/August
03/August – 20/September
19/September – 13/December

If you want to stay longer or start later than the date above, please contact your sending organization.

Background: The host organization is „Komorebi no ie“, Komorebi means, it is the sunlight leaking from leaves of filtering through leaves. KI’s philosophy, the elderly, the young and disabled, all live in the same town. Here, he or she respects and is respected as an individual of his or her own personality. Here, he or she will not be bound physically or psychologically. The people live with nature and are co-existent harmoniously. We as Komorebi would like to make such a community reality. KI and NICE cooperate from 2017. Vice-president is one of the founders of Sansonjuku (NICE-LW-KU17). He would like to do the LMTV program of his organization. He expects connecting kids and elderly people.

Work: Volunteers will be playing with the kids after school and during long vacation. During the program, there are spring vacation and summer vacation. KI organizes a Kids camp. We support it. We also support elderly people who stay in KI. We support their activities (farming and taking a walk, etc.). Making an opportunity to communicate between kids and elderly people.

Accommodation: Single room in a volunteer house a few minutes from KI. Meals are provided in KI (Vegetarian is available!). No smoking in the building.

Study theme: Situation about nuclear family in Japan

Other activities: We have the chance to join events in Sansonjuku (NICE-LW-KU18).

Location: In a relatively mild climate, originate Hirokawa flows from east to Hosshinzan, have poured into the Chikugo and created an elongated basin of the plains in the basin. About 50 km south of Fukuoka city.

Terminal: From Fukuoka airport, about 1 hour by train.

Requirements: Female only. Speaking Japanese, strong motivation to work with the host, respect for the local custom and life, flexibility, friendliness, positive mind

Language: Japanese

Other: If you want to end on another day (either shorter or longer), please inform the sending organization before the application is sent.
Project infos: www.komorebinoie.jp

ICYE Japan bietet über 50 Projekte in Hirokawa, Tokushima, Shimane, Hokkaido, Shintoku, Samegawa, Maki, Tateya u.a. für Mittelzeitaufenthalte an. Weitere Projektbeschreibungen findest Du als Download anbei.