Discover | 4-7 Wochen | Asien
Discover, Vietnam
Discover, Vietnam

Vietnam ist ein Staat in Südostasien. Er grenzt an China, Laos, Kambodscha, den Golf von Thailand und das Südchinesische Meer. Die Hauptstadt ist Hanoi. Die Einwohnerzahl liegt bei ca. 93 Mio., wovon 6,4 Mio. auf Hanoi und 5,9 Mio. auf Ho-Chi-Minh Stadt entfallen. Es gibt sowohl Einsatzstellen im Norden als auch im Süden Vietnams. ICYE Vietnam startete 2006, die Partnerorganisation heißt Volunteers for Peace Vietnam. 2011 wurde sie Mitglied des ICYE-Netzwerks. Es gibt ein Büro in Nordvietnam (Hanoi) und eines in Südvietnam (Ho-Chi-Minh).

  • Programmdauer: 4-7 Wochen
  • Teilnahmebeitrag: 4 Wochen € 955,-; je weitere Woche € 75,-
  • Anreiseinfos: Anreisen montags und dienstags zwischen 6 und 22 Uhr möglich
  • Anmeldung: mind. 1-2 Monate vor Abreise
  • Grenzenlos Landesprofil Vietnam

Beteilige Dich an Projekten im Bereich:

  • Bildung und soziale Tätigkeiten mit Kindern/Jugendlichen: Unterricht und Betreuung von Kindern und Jugendlichen an Schulen.
Franziska Stadler, Vietnam
Franziska Stadler, Vietnam
  • Gesundheit: Unterstützung bei Aufklärungsmaßnahmen und Assistenz in Kliniken/Krankenhäusern.
Laura Leitenmüller, Vietnam
Laura Leitenmüller, Vietnam
  • Soziales und Inklusion: Arbeit mit Kindern und Jugendlichen sowie Erwachsenen mit Behinderungen.
Inklusion, Vietnam
  • Community und Kultur: Es gibt mehrere Einsatzstellen, die sehr eng mit Familien und den Gemeinden zusammenarbeiten, weiters Kulturprojekte („Cultural Exposure“).
Ricarda Roßkopf, Vietnam
Ricarda Roßkopf, Vietnam

Hier findest Du ein paar Projektbeschreibungen:

Discover Vietnam – Inklusion: Ky Quan Orphanage for Disabled Children (Ky Quang Pagoda) – South Vietnam

Pagoda, Vietnam
Pagoda, Vietnam

Ky Quang Pagoda was built in the early part of the 20th Century in 1924 and is relatively famous in Ho Chi Minh City. The pagoda is now a place of charity for unlucky children and a traditional medicine clinic for local residents. The Pagoda Orphanage was founded and is run by the ‘Bonze Thich Thien Nhan’. In teaching, we aim to provide English language speaking environment for children to practice and improve their confidence in using a foreign language in communication. In caring, we aim to bring a better social life for the children. It has 35 staff members who stay at the Pagoda to take care and bring up these orphans. The operation funding mainly comes from local benefactors, social organizations and international volunteers and visitors. The children here have unfortunate backgrounds; many have been abandoned by their parents and relatives, babies are often found at the front gate of the pagoda and then taken in. At the moment, about 200 children and adults are living in the Pagoda, their ages ranging from 5 days to 40 years old.

There are three main activities for volunteers: Teach English to 15 primary pupils (9 to 13 years old), play with 30 children in the kindergarten (3 to 8 years old) and give physical therapy to 35 disabled children (of different ages).
The children here have very various backgrounds. Some are physically or mentally disabled, some are blind or suffer from Down Syndrome, some are Agent Orange victims during the Vietnam War, some are orphans, and the others come from poor families who cannot afford to bring them up.

Volunteer requirements/Skills: Volunteers must be 18 years old minimum. Volunteers must show their willingness to help and stay motivated.

Location: Ky Quang Pagoda is located at Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City. The travel time is about 1 hour and 15 minutes by bus, more or less depending on the traffic situation.

Volunteer’s working time: Mostly from Monday to Friday. Working hours are between 20 and 40 hours a week.

Host situation (board and lodging): Volunteers will stay in a dormitory, sharing rooms with volunteers of other nationalities joining the same program. Normally, rooms are arranged with about 2-6 volunteers per room. In the busy time, the number can be maximum 7 or 9 volunteers per room in five bunk beds.

Discover Vietnam – Bildung für Kinder und Jugendliche: Nguyen Tat Thanh School (English teaching)

Barbara Eglitis, Vietnam
Barbara Eglitis, Vietnam

The aim of the program is to provide English language speaking environment for pupils to practice and improve their confidence in using a foreign language in communication. At the same time, with the support of the international volunteers, the local teachers can improve their speaking skills and get to understand more about the language that they are teaching.

Volunteer Tasks: Upon request of teachers, volunteers run the activities in the class. They are asked to help students develop speaking and listening skills. Vietnamese schools traditionally favor ‘passive learning’ – the teacher standing in front and lecturing. This does not help students to gain confidence in speaking. The pronunciation of the English teachers is not excellent so the children have little opportunity to hear English as it is really spoken. Moreover, the English level of the students is very different. Some are very outstanding in terms of pronunciation and performances meanwhile some are very shy to speak it. Volunteers can think about games or interactive activities to let all students get involved in the lessons.

Volunteer requirements/Skills: 

Volunteers should:
  • Like to work with children and students
  • Be mature and have an initiative spirit
  • Be able to work independently in the classroom
  • Be fluent in English 
  • At least 18 years old
  • Be open-minded and sociable
  • Be willing to learn more about the country and adapt to the working style in Vietnam

Volunteer’s working time: Each class has one Vietnamese English teacher with 25 to 40 students, depending on the class. Each period lasts for 45 minutes. The volunteer participates in different classes per day, working from Monday to Friday. The general timeframe at school is from 7:50 to 17:20. The lunch break is between 11:15 and 1:05 o’clock. Depending on the schedule, the volunteer has different beginning and ending time.

Location: The school is located in Cau Giay District, Hanoi which is about 8 km away from Old Quater (city center). It is a very lively and convenient area.

Host situation (board and lodging): Volunteers will stay in a dormitory with rooms shared with other volunteers. Living conditions will be Vietnamese standard with a shared bathroom and a shared bedroom with bunk-beds. Mattress, blanket, pillow and mosquito net are provided.  Food will be provided at accommodation. Meals will be mostly local food, which vary from the daily cooking schedule. Volunteers, especially those who are vegetarian, may be required to do some cooking by themselves. During working days food is provided by the host placement. Travel to work from the accommodation takes about 20 minutes on foot.

ICYE Vietnam bietet ca. 15 Einsatzstellen im Norden und im Süden Vietnams für Kurzzeitaufenthalte an. Weitere Projektbeschreibungen findest du in der