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Discover Italien
Discover, Italien

Italien ist ein Land in Südeuropa. Die Hauptstadt ist Rom und Amtssprache Italienisch. Das Land grenzt am Frankreich, die Schweiz, Österreich und Slowenien. Italien hat eine Fläche von 301 338 km² und 60 Mio. Einwohner_innen. Die lokale Partnerorganisation ist JOINT, eine NGO, die 2003 gegründet wurde und seit 2017 Mitglied des ICYE-Netzwerks ist.

  • Programmdauer: 4-7 Wochen
  • Teilnahmebeitrag: 4 Wochen € 1075,-; je weitere Woche € 120,-
  • Anreiseinfos: Ankunftstermin frei wählbar
  • Anmeldung: mind. 1-2 Monate vor Abreise

Beteilige Dich an Projekten im Bereich:

  • Bildung und soziale Tätigkeiten mit Kindern/Jugendlichen: Unterrichten und Betreuung von Kindern mit oder ohne Behinderung.
Discover Italien
Discover, Italien
  • Umweltschutz und Landwirtschaft: Landwirtschaftliche Tätigkeiten und Arbeit auf (Bio-)Bauernhöfen.
Ostello dei Balocchi, Italien
Ostello dei Balocchi, Italien

Hier findest Du ein paar Projektbeschreibungen:

Discover Italien – Betreuung von Kindern und Jugendlichen: Centro Italiano Femminile

Recup, Italien
Recup, Italien

The Italian Female’s Centre (CIF) of Vicopisano is a voluntary organization which belongs to the CIF national organization with sections in 90 provinces and 500 municipalities in Italy. For over 20 years, CIF Vicopisano has organized after-school activities for young people, formal and non-formal educational activities for adults and the elderly, meetings with experts and seminars, as well as socializing activities for all ages.

Main Activities: The afterschool program takes place every weekday in the afternoon from 14.30 to 19.00, involving an average of 22 children and young people aged 5 to 18 from primary, secondary and high schools. It is an open access service attended by those in need of a space for socialization and help with homework. They do their homework in an environment aiming at reinforcing their abilities, autonomy in the study process, motivation to learn, self-esteem and mutual help alternating work and breaks to favor socialization and group dynamics.

Location: Rural area in a small city, 20 km from Pisa and 80 km from Reggio Emilia and Parma

Volunteer tasks: Participation in the staff meetings to settle the program activities. Support in the afterschool program, open 5 afternoons per week, helping children with their homework through workshops, group work or individually work. Support children with specific learning disabilities and linguistic difficulties. Organization of linguistic workshop for children and young people both in group and individually. Organization of games, outdoor and recreational activities before and after the after-school program. These are a few of the activities.

Volunteer requirements/Skills: An open-minded young person with a positive attitude to work in an education and training programme with different kinds of people: children, teenagers, adults and elderly people.

Volunteer’s working time: Mostly from Monday to Friday. Working hours are between 20 and 40 hours a week.  

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging): Double room for 2 persons with kitchen and bathroom. The food will be provided from the CIF with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Discover Italien – Öko-Farm: Fattoria Lombardo

Öko Farm, Italien
Öko Farm, Italien

We are a family run farm; we love and respect the land and all the living beings; we cultivate the soil in a natural way; we produce goods with genuine and authentic flavor; we transform our goods respecting traditions handed down by our grandparents; we want to share all of this with you.

Main Activities: “Lombardo Farm” is a delightful Organic Family Farm overlooking the valley of Gurra Soprana district in Menfi’s territory (Agrigento), in the south-west of Sicily and with a beautiful Mediterranean landscape around. It was born in 1999 from the desire of two parents, Rosa and Pino, to create a future for their sons.

Location: Rural area, 25 km from Sciacca and 96 km from Palermo

Volunteer tasks: Olive harvest, olive oil production, tree maintenance, garden maintenance, typical Sicilian cuisine for groups, feed the animals

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging): Double room for 2 persons with kitchen and bathroom

ICYE Italien bietet ca. 5 Einsatzstellen für Kurzzeitaufenthalte an. Weitere Projektbeschreibungen findest Du in der