Discover | 4-7 Wochen | Amerikas
Discover, Argentinien
Discover, Argentinien

Argentinien ist ein Staat im südlichen Teil Südamerikas und hat ca. 42 Mio. Einwohner_innen. Argentinien ist flächenmäßig nach Brasilien das zweitgrößte Land Südamerikas, es ist 8 Mal so groß wie Deutschland. Argentinien wird in 7 Großregionen unterteilt: Der Andine Nordwesten, Mesopotamia, der argentinische Chaco, die Pampa, die Sierras Pampeanas, Cuyo und Patagonien. Die Hauptstadt ist Buenos Aires. Subir al Sur (ICYE Argentinien) wurde 2006 gegründet und ist eine argentinische NGO mit Sitz in Buenos Aires.

  • Programmdauer: 4-7 Wochen
  • Teilnahmebeitrag: 4 Wochen € 925,-; je weitere Woche € 75,-
  • Anreiseinfos: Ankunftstag freiwählbar. Abholung zwischen 22 und 6 Uhr nur auf Anfrage
  • Zusätzliche Infos: Spanisch-Unterricht kann extra gebucht werden
  • Anmeldung: mind. 1-2 Monate vor Abreise
  • Grenzenlos Landesprofil Argentinien

Beteilige Dich an Projekten im Bereich:

  • Bildung und soziale Tätigkeiten mit Kindern/Jugendlichen: Unterrichten und Betreuung von Kindern und Jugendlichen an Schulen.
Chiara Gruchmann, Argentinien, Kindergarten
Chiara Gruchmann, Argentinien

Hier findest Du ein paar Projektbeschreibungen:

Discover Argentinien – Bildung für Kinder und Jugendliche: El Sarten por el Mango

El Sarten por el Mango, Argentinien
El Sarten por el Mango, Argentinien

The project focuses on the communities of South America where for environmental, social and governmental reasons, citizens struggle to rise above social inequity. The purpose is to help those who constantly battle with the day-to-day socio-economic challenges. Therefore, the aims of the project are to create sustainable social change through building relationships and implementing strategic systems and structures, to provide a platform for transition from subsistence to maintaining a good quality of life for everyone, to actively support current generations in creating healthy and livable communities and plan for future generations to follow in their footsteps. The project provides food every day to children and young people in a slum of Avellaneda. It organizes art and cultural workshops.

Location: Monte Chingolo, Avellaneda, Buenos Aires.

Volunteer tasks: Volunteers will help during the daily activities in the communitarian kitchen, cooking healthy food together with local volunteers. Additionally, they will assist workshops and organize cultural, artistic and nutritional workshops for children who will attend daily in order to share meals with them aiming to raise the awareness of the population on the importance of maintaining a healthy nutrition. Volunteers will have weekly meetings to discuss various topics in order to understand and complement their social intervention as volunteers. Besides, we aim to provide them with a complete social, historical, political and economic background. There will be solidarity activities planned for all the volunteers to have common inter-exchanges, like festivals, workshops in schools and others.

Volunteer requirements /skills: sensitivity, teamwork, flexibility, creativity

Volunteer’s working time: Mostly from Monday to Friday. Working hours are between 20 and 40 hours a week.  

Host situation (board and lodging): Volunteers are hosted in the intercultural volunteer house or a hostel.

Discover Argentinien – NGO-Arbeit: Subir al Sur

Subir al Sur, Argentinien
Subir al Sur, Argentinien

The SES Foundation through Subir al Sur program promotes volunteer service as non-formal intercultural education and it also encourages education for peace by facilitating the encounter of people from different regions across the world for solidarity purposes. They organize mid-long term and short-term volunteer opportunities, intercultural workshops and other activities with volunteers. The SES foundation works in three main areas: education, work and youth empowerment.

Location: Buenos Aires.

Volunteer tasks: Volunteers will cooperate with our daily activities in terms of promoting international volunteer service in Argentina and the world. The areas in which the volunteer will work are:

  • Communication: Re-design of the website. Making materials to promote our projects in Argentina and in the world, social networks, etc.
  • Fundraising: Search projects and funds, Organize events, Donations.
  • Semana de la Juventud: Help in the organization of the event in different areas.
  • Methodology and Education: Collaborate in developing the methodology of youth encounters.
  • Events: Organizing events to exchange with locals and promote volunteer activities.

Volunteer requirements/Skills: flexibility, motivation, teamwork, creativity and independence

Volunteer’s working time: Mostly from Monday to Friday. Working hours are between 20 and 40 hours a week. 

Host situation (board and lodging): Volunteers are hosted in the intercultural volunteer house or a hostel.

ICYE Argentinien bietet ca. 12 Einsatzstellen für Kurzzeitaufenthalte an. Weitere Projektbeschreibungen findest Du in der